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Erna Corbetta Architetto


ArchitectsParty 2010 Milano

ArchitectsParty consists of a schedule of appetizers that will take place directly within 10 architectural firms in Milan, among the most important and contemporary. The study will be to choose the date of your aperitif in the week of ArchitectsParty.
The event is organized by TOWANT contemporary events (, Partners of the initiative is CAMPARISODA drink, food LOACKER partner (with the pretzel Lorenz) and media partner INTERNI magazine.
ArchitectsParty took place in 2008 in Florence, in 2009 in Milan, Florence and Perugia. For ArchitectsParty attended and important studies known as Studio Italo Rota, Piuarch, Metrogramma, Claudio Nardi Studio, Studio 63, etc.

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